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Abrasives are the perfect materials for finishing nearly any workpiece – gently rubbing away excess material without damaging what you are working on.

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adhesive & sealants
Adhesives & Sealants

No matter the surface or the material, from foam to fabric and almost every type of wood or metal; you’ll find an adhesive or sealant for the right application at Junction Tool Supplies.

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air tool & compresor
Air Tools & Compressors

When it comes to the types of air compressors that are available on the market, there are as many kinds as there are uses for an air compressor.

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Cleaners & Solvents

To ensure operations run smoothly, businesses rely on various commercial & industrial cleaning supplies to keep things running cleanly and efficiently.

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cutting tools main
Cutting & Machine Tools

Junction Tool Supplies offers Cutting tools that come in all shapes & sizes as having the right cutting tool will make your job easier.

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Looking for a trusted supplier to buy your fasteners from in Melbourne and across Australia? Well look no further than Junction Tool Supplies.

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hand tools white
Hand Tools

With the right tools, you can complete any job more efficiently and with greater precision. Investing in quality hand tools is the key to doing great work for many years to come.

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hose & pipe fitting main
Hose, Pipe & Fittings

Every industrial hose application requires something different, whether it’s high or low pressure, fast or slow transfer rates, or materials that range from air to water to hazardous chemicals.

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Manual Handling
Material Handling

When it comes to lifting and handling heavy or cumbersome materials, safety should always be paramount.

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Industrial Ladders

Choosing the right ladder for your industry – whether you are completing painting projects, changing light bulbs, or scaling rooftops – is no small decision.

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Tape & Packaging
Tapes Packaging

Packaging tape is an industrial-grade tape intended to close and seal a box for shipment.

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Lubricating Equipment & Fluids

Industrial lubricants are an essential safeguard for industrial machines, as they reduce the friction between components to keep them running optimally.

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measuring and marking thumbnail
Measuring & Marking

Industries of all kinds rely on the accurate measurement of levels to ensure safe and efficient operations.

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Paint-Equipment main
Paint Equipment

Planning to bring your tired and worn surfaces to life or your next paint job then our top-of-the-line paint-spraying equipment is the answer for you. So, if you are after convenience and quality, we have an ideal solution for your painting job.

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Safety PPe main
PPE & Safety Equipment

Working in extreme conditions can often lead to serious workplace illnesses or injuries However using high-quality safety equipment will provide a layer of protection and reduce the risk of injury.

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spil kit
Spill Containment

Hazardous spills can cause major damage to both people and the environment, making it essential for businesses to have effective spill containment systems.

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power tools main
Power Tools

Power tools are known for their versatility and performance. Whether you’re a trade professional or a DIY, power tools can open the door to all sorts of exciting opportunities and help you to perform tasks that could otherwise be impossible or extremely difficult to complete.

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generator white
Industrial Generators

The application for generators is endless. They are used for worksite, trade and construction purposes, and as backup power or primary power for small and large business.

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toolbox & storage
Toolboxes & Storage

Have you been thinking about buying a toolbox? It can help you keep your tools organised and easily accessible, saving time and reducing frustration when you need to find a specific tool.

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transmission & seals main
Transmissions & Seals

Investing in high-quality transmission seals can help you save money in the long run as seals have a crucial impact on system performance.

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Welding Equipment

Whether you are a professional welder or a DIY enthusiast, we have all the welding supplies you need to get the job done right.

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Pipe Tools & Equipment main
Pipe Equipment

Precision is paramount on pipeline projects. Pipe fitting tools include guides, alignment tools, framing squares and more.

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If you want to prolong the longevity of industrial equipment and improve performance, then buying quality brushware is worth the investment.

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Lifting & Rigging Supplies

Moving bulky items securely can be tricky and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. As every job is unique, you’ll need different types of lifting equipment to safely and efficiently complete a lift.

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ProBuilt ProLight LED
Safety Equipment & Signage

Safety signage is an essential element in today’s workplace where environmental & safety obligations are becoming more stringent and demanding Purchasing safety signs at Junction Tools Supplies is more important now than ever before, as they are the most visual contributors to strong safety cultures and workplace health

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Australia Based Industrial Tools Supplier

At Junction Tool Supplies Our Customer Is Our Focus

With over 40 years’ experience supplying products to a wide range of industries, we can supply any conceivable product for any job.

From Safety & PPE Supplies, Cutting Tools, Power Tools, Air & Hand Tools, Abrasives, Welding supplies, Workshop supplies to Fasteners, Lubricants, Specialty Equipment, Cleaning Products, General Hardware and more.

It’s what we do, day in and day out to help you get the job done.

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With over 500 national and local suppliers, our membership keeps us independently owned and operated, providing our customers with competitive prices, product choice and high quality customer service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you source products from indigenous owned businesses and suppliers?

    At JTS our core mission is prioritising our customers. We aim to be the go to source, not just for quality products but for the value we create.

    We have been actively working to introduce and expand our range of products and services sourced from indigenous owned businesses and suppliers.

    What are the main safety tips when using industrial hands tools & power tools?
    • When working, put on the proper PPE (personal protective equipment).
    • Invest in good Australian industrial supplies. For example, ensure that tools like hammers and cutters must be fabricated of steel and heat-treated.
    • Verify that your tools are in good condition and fit for usage regularly.
    • Consider routine maintenance services, such as grinding or sharpening for your industrial supplies. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
    • Avoid loose clothing and items, such as jewellery, which could get into a tool’s moving parts.
    • Make sure you have the right tools for any job. Wrenches are great but don’t attempt to turn one into a hammer.
    • When using various tools and equipment, you must carefully safeguard your eyes.
    • Sharp things need to be handled and stored with extreme caution. Before putting them away, make sure to sheath them.
    • Any accidents or injuries you or anyone else may have experienced must be reported. Injuries and accidents will be less likely to occur in the future if this is done.
    What are the top maintenance tips for industrial equipment?

    As an industrial business owner or operator, you know that proper equipment maintenance is essential to keep your operation running smoothly. You rely on your machines to do the heavy lifting. So, taking the time to care for your equipment properly is important. Below are some tips to follow: –

    • To ensure that your industrial equipment is properly maintained, you need a detailed maintenance schedule.
    • Inspect your equipment regularly to ensure it is in good working order. It can also help you identify any problems before they become too serious.
    • To ensure that your facility remains safe and functioning, you must implement corrosion control methods.
    • Industrial equipment is often used in harsh conditions and should be taken care of properly when not utilised. The wrong storage can cause damage or even failure, so always protect your investment with proper handling.
    • It’s important to keep records of all the maintenance you perform on your equipment, from regular servicing and repairs. This includes anything that may need replacing for it to run smoothly again.
    • Lastly, ensure you have a good tools shop near me that can provide the necessary supplies and replacement parts.
    What is industrial equipment?

    Industrial equipment is any machinery, tools or equipment that are used in a production setting to manufacture products.

    As one of the top industrial tool supply companies you can trust us to only deal with superior products. What sets us apart is we partner with a huge range of suppliers to bring you the very best of products from the world’s best brands.

    What is an industrial machine?

    Industrial machinery is a broad term that encompasses various machines and equipment. Generally, it refers to the machines and equipment a manufacturer uses in a manufacturing plant.

    However, the term can also refer to any mechanical, electrical, or electronic device designed to perform some function and produce a certain product. Industrial machines and equipment provide the backbone for large-scale business operations worldwide. Tailored to withstand heavy use, these powerful tools facilitate everything from manufacturing processes to industrial tasks with superior efficiency.

    What is industrial machinery an example of?

    Industrial machinery has revolutionised the production process over time, enabling the manufacture of products ranging from final goods to new materials used in further manufacturing. In addition, this invaluable machinery drastically increases efficiency and output quality, resulting in improved economic outcomes for businesses worldwide.

    From power saws for cutting, drills for boring holes, and polishing machines for buffing steel surfaces to industrial ovens that heat materials, all are types of industrial machinery. Not only can we supply you with a range of industrial equipment and machinery we also stock adhesives & solvents, air tools && compressors, abrasives, or brush ware, and are here to help you. Get the tools you need for your job.

    What Cutting Tools are you after?

    Cutting Hands Tools which includes a range from Bolt cutters, Knives, saws, Scissors and Snips and allow the user to efficiently cut through different materials. Check out our range under Hand Tools.

    What Our Customers Say

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    I found the team at Junction Tool Supplies great to deal with. They were very helpful and no job was too big or small. Speaking with the team they helped me get exactly what I wanted. Straight to the point, no mucking around and very knowledgeable with products! Good service, fast delivery and top quality products.
    I can highly recommend them!

    Anthony Craig
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    This place is fantastic, I bought a Milwaukee driver and angle grinder. They asked what I needed it for and made sure I was buying the right thing. They made sure I ha the right batteries too. Best customer service I have had in a long time . Good price too

    John Wilson
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    I can’t recommend these guys enough. They’ve got a huge stock of engineering gear and if they don’t have it they’ll get it for you fairly quickly. The staff are fantastic and very knowledgeable, and if they don’t know they’ll find out for you and get back to you.
    My first experience with them was easy and smooth, they helped me find what I needed and I’ve been going back ever since.

    Tim Christian
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    I am very pleased to write this review.

    I started Inductabend some 30 years ago and have relied on Junction Tools to look after our industrial consumables and hand tools – including some specialist equipment – since 1993..

    Barry Crouch
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