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About us

Junction Tool Supplies’ journey began in the year 1974 when John Liberman started the tool supply business from a small backyard garage. Since then we have been committed to providing an extensive range of tools and equipment for machines and mechanical workshops and construction sites to our valuable customers. Our dedication and hard work have brought us to a bigger showroom and a warehouse covering 10,000 sq. ft.

 We pay special attention to provide superior quality tools and equipment to our customers. Hence, we have sourced our huge inventory from reliable contacts to give our customers the best of products at competitive prices.

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Pipe Tools Australia Pty. Ltd.

In the year 1984, John Liberman began Pipe Tools Australia Pty. Ltd., a diverse section of Junction Tool Supplies Pty. Ltd., to establish its name in the pipe and tube industry as well. Since then, he has become a respected and renowned name in the piping industry too.

The stock that we maintain includes the following range of specialty equipment:

    • Orbital Welding Machines
    • Pipe Alignment Clamps
    • Pipe Stands
    • Weld Purging
    • Heat Exchanger Tooling
    • Pipe and Plate Bevelling Equipment
    • Pipe Cutting (Split Frame Machines) (Tube Cutting Machines)
    • Pipe Fitter Tools
    • Welding Gauges

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Get in touch with us on (03) 9689 8777 to know more about our pipe beveling machines, pipe fitter tools, and pipe stands in Australia.
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