Abrasive Cutting Discs

Use cut off discs for ease and efficiency with your next cut

Abrasive Cutting discs or cut-off wheels are universally valued for their ability to perform cutting tasks with ease and efficiency. Their thin cutting profile ensures a clean, quick cut with minimal material removal and machine wear.

Our cutting discs are excellent for cutting stainless steel, mild steel and all metal and are made from various materials as aluminium oxide, silicon carbide and ceramic.

Cutting discs make narrow, precise cuts at 90-degree angles with multiple sizes and fits available to suit many different angle grinders, die grinders, air cut off tools and handheld or bench drop saws.

At Junction Tool Supplies we source high-quality cut-off discs to help you with your metal-cutting projects. Our cutting wheels come in various types, diameters, thicknesses, specialized features, and price points, so we can help you find the cutting discs that are right for your applications.

Abrasvie Cutting Discs
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