Sanding & Polishing Discs & Wheels

Use our Discs and Wheels for your Sanding and Polishing solutions

Sanding discs are great for smoothing edges, finishing, or removing materials. These semicircular abrasive discs smooth surfaces (such as metal, composites, wood, stone, and plastic) and prepare them for finishing and polishing. Our sanding discs are ideal for dry sanding many surfaces where quality of finish is of primary importance.

Sanding Discs are attached onto a backing pad so that they can be mounted onto a sander, angle grinder or other tools to operate efficiently. Our range is available in different sizes, grades, and grit sizes to suit different tools or project applications. This gives you added flexibility whether you are sanding large areas or smaller detailed works.

Finishing and Polishing Wheels Discs can be used for various polishing applications from pre polishing to high gloss polishing. Available in different diameters, grits and options as heavy calico, stitched rag, sisal and felt polishing discs. We also stock polishing compound to be used with certain discs.

If you are unsure which one is right for you, please reach out to us. We know how difficult it can be when a few products may work for you.

Sanding & Polishing Discs & wheels
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