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Whatever job you are working on, having the right adhesive is critical. It’s not only about ensuring that two materials bonds together, but also that they stay bonded.

Our range of adhesives and glues are all designed with specific uses in mind, which can also affect cure time. This includes some that only work on certain materials, while also being more resilient to temperature changes and variable humidity levels.

adhesive & glue

Our range includes:

  • Contact Adhesives –Some adhesives take longer to dry or cure, so when you’re looking for something that bonds almost instantly, stick with our contact adhesives. They work on a wide range of materials as glass, wood, concrete, stone and are better suited to bonding large, flat surfaces.
  • Super Strength – For load-bearing repairs, our range of Araldite epoxy adhesives are able to support weights of up to 150kg. They dry clear, making them suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces and materials.
  • Wood – Although many of our adhesives are suitable for bonding wood and other materials, we do also offer a range of wood glues as Selleys Aquadhere Exterior.
  • Multipurpose – Our extensive range of all-purpose and multipurpose adhesives ensure there is a fix available for almost any project.

Whatever your job needs we have an adhesive to suit. If you’re unsure on what product you need why not visit and our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to assist with the perfect product.

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