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If you are looking for the right cleaning and polishing product to lift dull surfaces and cut away stains and marks on any metal product, then we the range for you. Metal cleaners and polishers are used to produce a high luster on metal objects by restoring and enhancing their appearance through the removal of contaminants and protecting the metal surface from staining and oxidation. 

We have cleaning and polishing products available for surfaces such as aluminium, copper, stainless steel, alloy, chrome and brass. Included in our range are metal cleaners which can be used in the home, office or within the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Metal cleaning is a critical step in the manufacturing and metal finishing process, they assist with parts cleaning and the removal of dust, metal particles or lubricants coming from mechanical work such as cutting and drilling, they are also used in the regular maintenance cleaning of vehicles, pipes, engines and pumps. We also source a range of polishing wheels and metal polishing kits to use with power tools and hand polishing products as polishing buffs available in rag, sisal calico or lambswool, macrofibre cleaning clothes and much more.

Metal Polish & Cleaners
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