Soap & Hand Cleaners

Get the dirtiest of hands clean with heavy duty hand cleaners

Our range of soap & hand cleaners help to eliminate germs and are designed for use in many different demanding workplace environments.

Grease oil, ink, paint and general grime are no match for our extensive selection of hand cleaners and soaps. Formulated with ingredients such as pumice and orange oil our range of hand wash and hand cleaner are soft on your skin whilst being tough on dirt.

We stock quality products such as Fast Orange, Solvo, Lightning, and Septon which lets you pick the right hand cleaner for the easiest of clean ups without dryness or redness.

Soap & hand cleaners

You can choose between bar soaps, liquid soaps and hand sanitizers

  • Bar soap – simply rub the bar between your hands until you create the desired amount of lather and rinse.
  • Liquid soaps – a popular alternative for any busy, high turnover areas and fast-paced workplaces due to its all-round convenience and skin-friendly formulas.
  • Hand sanitisers – a water-free hand-cleaning product usually dispensed as an alcohol-based gel or foam, although not intended as an alternative to washing hands.

We also stock a variety of industrial hand cleaner dispensers and pumps and refillable options to assist in minimizing wastage and spillage.

Whether it is for general day-to-day hand washing or for commercial and industrial environments where heavy-duty cleaners are required, we have the ideal solution to promote a healthy workplace plus protect your skin.

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