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Choose The Right Industrial Cutting Tools to Suit Your Job’s Needs

Junction Tool Supplies offers Cutting tools that come in all shapes & sizes as having the right cutting tool will make your job easier. Whether it’s a chisel, hammer bits, masonry bits, hammer core drills, circular saws, knives or other tools that cut or drill holes let us help you match the tool to the task and the material you wish to cut.

button dies
Button Die & Die Nuts

Button dies are round cutters used to cut standard external screw threads along a shaft, pipe, bolt or stud.

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Drilling, Tapping & Reaming Cutting Tools

These drilling and hole making tools are used in metalworking, machining, and other manufacturing processes to create, enlarge, or shape holes in various materials, including metals, plastics, and wood.

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milling cutte
Milling Cutters

Milling Cutters are specialized cutting tools that remove material from a workpiece by rotating it around its axis.

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carbide burrs
Carbide Burrs

Made from ultra-hard tungsten carbide, these burrs can withstand high-speed operation and heavy usage, making them perfect for both professional and DIY projects.

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milling machine
Machine & Milling Vices

A machine vise is designed to hold workpieces still during machining operations.

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Lathe Tooling

Lathe tooling refers to the cutting tools and process used in a lathe machine to shape and finish materials such as metals, wood, and plastics. These include turning, boring, knurling, and facing tools.

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fabrication equipment
Fabrication Equipment

Fabrication equipment is essential in all machine shops, large or small. Common fabrication techniques include cutting, forming, punching, stamping, shearing and welding.

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What Cutting Tools are you after?

Cutting Hands Tools which includes a range from Bolt cutters, Knives, saws, Scissors and Snips and allow the user to efficiently cut through different materials. Check out our range under Hand Tools.


Essential Cutting tools for your machining operation where the procedures of cutting, milling, drilling, and so on require the best cutting tools to ensure that the productivity of the work to be high as possible.

It is vital to purchase the right cutting tools at competitive prices and get them when needed. As an industrial cutting tool supplier, we provide industry with the perfect cutting tools to complete your job.

Our expertise ensures that our customers have access to the highest quality materials they need, no matter what task lies ahead.

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Our Premium Cutting Tools Range

If you are looking for premium cutting tools in Australia, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Cutting Hands Tools offer simple and quick results when you need to make simple cuts.

This range includes axes, files and rasps, hatchets, handsaws, loppers, scissors, shears, snips, knives and so much more. The variety of these tool types nearly matches the number of jobs they perform. Anyone can use them safely. Their smaller size makes it easy to carry them with you to any jobsite.

Our Essential Cutting tools available for the Machine Tool industry include.

  • Turning tools and inserts
  • HSS cutting tools
  • Solid carbide cutting tools
  • Brazed carbide cutting tools
  • Gear cutting tools
  • Threading taps and dies
  • Broaching tools
  • Polycrystalline Diamon (PCD)/Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN)/CVD tools and much more.

Needing a specific cutting tool for your machine operation. We understand the quality of your work hinges on the quality of your equipment which is why we offer a range of cutting tools for various machine operations which cover.

  • Single point turning tool—cutter for turning operation performed in a lathe.
  • Drill—cutter for drilling operation performed on a drilling machine, lathe or milling machine.
  • Milling cutter (or mill)—cutter for milling operations performed on a milling machine.
  • Fly cutter—cutter for fly milling operation performed in a milling machine.
  • Shaper—cutter for shaping operation performed in a shaping machine.
  • Planer—cutter for planing operation performed in a planing machine.
  • Boring bar—cutter for boring operation performed in a drilling or boring machine.
  • Reamer—cutter for reaming operation performed in a drilling machine.
  • Broach—cutter for broaching operation performed in a broaching machine.
  • Hob—cutter for hobbing operation performed in a hobbing machine.
  • Grinding wheel—abrasive cutter for grinding operation performed in a grinding machine.

To get the best performance out of your cutting tools ensure that you choose the right cutting tool material. The material of the cutting tool must have the capability to sustain such high cutting temperature as well as cutting force. Look out for these tool materials.

  • High Speed Steel (HSS)
  • Tungsten carbide
  • Ceramics
  • Cubic Boron Nitride (cBN)
  • Diamond

Need some further advice in choosing your cutting tool then give us a ring on (03) 9689 8777.

We also can assist you in purchasing Cutting Fluid and machinery equipment as Lathe chucks, Machine & Milling vices and Fabrication equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tool to cut sheet metal?

Tin snips, a budget-friendly handheld tool like scissors, bring your metalworking project dreams into reality. From gently curving circles for ornamental details to swiftly cutting sheets of aluminium and copper – these simple but powerful tools are perfect for adding those special personal touches from gutters or studs up to new roofing.

What can I use to cut a small piece of metal?

An angle grinder fitted with a durable diamond blade is your best bet for the most brutal metal cuts. Not only will it make quick work out of bolts and rebar – but even sheet metals won’t stand a chance. And don’t worry about them wearing down too quickly; diamond blades can easily handle almost any ferrous cutting job.

What is the basic metal cutting tool?

A hack saw is one of the most popular choices for those needing to cut metal – a versatile tool that has been relied upon for decades. With its razor-like blades and easily adjustable handle, it can easily make precise cuts in even the most rigid steel.

Why should I use cutting fluid?

Cutting fluid is a staple accessory that all tradespeople should have in their toolbox arsenal. It plays a vital role in metalworking processes, including drilling, tapping, threading and cutting.

During machining, large amounts of heat is generated due to friction between the tool face and the workpiece, as well as the high speed of cutting and drilling.

The heat generated needs to be displaced or eliminated to protect the tool and the work surface.

Cutting fluids are a type of coolant and lubricant that are designed to reduce the friction between the tool and the workpiece. A generous amount of cutting fluid is usually applied before the work commences and, in some cases, during the work.

What is the correct definition: cutting tool or metal cutting tool

Historically metals are the main materials to produce machined parts. Therefore, cutting tools were intended primarily for machining metals and this determined their name. Today the term metal cutting tool is enough while simply cutting tools is much more common and these two definitions have become synonyms.

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Junction Tool Supplies stock a large range of cutting tools and has access to many trusted brands at the right price. As cutting tools suppliers, we strive to provide you with the ultimate combination of top-notch cutting tools and unparalleled customer service. Our experts are here to guide you through any project and job task – no matter how big or small. For further information on cutting tools contact us at (03) 9689 8777.

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