Button Die & Die Nuts

If you need to cut or repair a thread look no further than our Button Dies and Die Nuts

You have a bolt or screw with a damaged thread and don’t know what to do?

This is where Button dies and die nuts are invaluable tools.

Button dies are round cutters used to cut standard external screw threads along a shaft, pipe, bolt or stud. Button dies are made from carbon steel or high-speed steel and are available in various thread diameter sizes. Button dies can be used with suitable button die holders.


Die Nuts are designed for cleaning, restoring and resizing existing damaged threads on studs and bolts. Die nuts are generally used to clean up an existing thread, rather than cut a new thread. This corrects the thread back to its original condition. Their hexagonal shape also allows a spanner or shifter to wind the die nut along the thread easily.

Both buttons die and die nuts are made of high-grade steel, which makes them durable and long-lasting. With well-known quality brands like Suttons, Sheffield & Bordo, our button dies and die nuts are an excellent choice for precision, safety and quality threads.

Button Die & Die Nuts

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