Drilling, Tapping & Reaming Cutting Tools

Drill, Taps & Reamers: The Most Accurate Hole Cutting Tools on The Market

Drills, taps, and reamers are all cutting tools. These drilling and hole making tools are used in metalworking, machining, and other manufacturing processes to create, enlarge, or shape holes in various materials, including metals, plastics, and wood.

Drilling involves using a drill bit (or end mill) which rotates on its axis while being pushed through a predrilled hole in order to create a new circular shaped hole.

Tapping uses an external cutting device that threads itself into pre-existing threads in order to cut them further.

Reaming uses a reamer to enlarge or smooth out existing holes and enhance the surface finish of the hole’s walls.


Depending on your application there are both hand and machine reamer drill bits;

Hand reamers are manually operated and have a wrench to apply the required pressure.

Machine reamer are used with various mechanical tools including drill presses, lathes and screw machines and there are a choice of solid carbide and high-speed steel (HSS) varieties.

Drill, Tap & Reamer bits are available in many different configurations, thread forms and sizes to fit multiple applications. Ensuring you have the right size, and the right type of drill bit, tap or reamer is a key factor to making accurately sized and good quality holes.

From center drills and jobber drills to chucking and tapered reamers- from hobbyists to trade people to Industrial workshops. We have the cutting tools designed to give you the precision you need.

Drilling, Tapping & Reaming & Cutting Tools
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