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Fabrication Equipment – Everything that your workshop needs

Fabrication equipment is essential in all machine shops, large or small. Common fabrication techniques include cutting, forming, punching, stamping, shearing and welding.

These tools and machines are designed to shape, cut, and form various materials into a desired final product.


Whether you are working with metal, wood, plastic, composites or other solid surface materials, the right fabrication equipment can make all the difference in the efficiency of your work.

Some of the most popular types of fabrication equipment & tools include folders, benders, guillotines and shears, as well as metal punches – sheet metal work of any scale covered, metal cuttings saws , lathes, beveling tools, deburring tools, angle grinders, shears, wire cutters, drills, stamps, sheet rolling equipment, and more – and are all part our range of everything you need to equip a workshop of any size.

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