Lathe Tooling

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Lathe tooling refers to the cutting tools and process used in a lathe machine to shape and finish materials such as metals, wood, and plastics. These include turning, boring, knurling, and facing tools. They are typically made of high-speed steel or carbide and are shaped to suit the workpiece’s specific needs.

Lathes work by moving a tool into contact with a rotating workpiece. The tool’s cutting edge is held in a tool holder and positioned against the workpiece, which is then rotated at high speeds. As the tool cuts into the workpiece, excess material is removed to create the desired size, shape and finish.


Since there is a wide variety of features that may need to be produced in a workpiece, there are a wide variety of tools that are available. In selecting a lathe cutting tool, the type of materials, the shape of the tools and the desired shape must be considered.

Whether you’re looking for lathe cutting tools, metal lathe tools or indexable lathe tools or looking for a lathe chuck to securely attach your material to the lathe during the machining process, you’ll find them at Junction Tool Supplies.

With access to top brands like Tungaloy, Gamer & Seco we can enhance the precision and efficiency of your machining operations.

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Lathe Tooling
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