Machine & Milling Vices

Fix your workpiece in place securely with our machining and milling vices.

A machine vise is designed to hold workpieces still during machining operations. This provides a stable and secure platform for performing accurate and precise cuts.

Many manufacturing facilities and workshops use machining vises for applications that have tight tolerances, high speed and require high precision as drilling, shaping and grinding.


There are different types of machine vices, which can be used for various tasks and purposes.  These are;

  • Drill press vices- designed to be used in a drill press machine to clamp objects when drilling holes as the tilting jaw vice and the quick-release vice.
  • Milling machine vises – designed to be mounted to a milling machine, in order to hold workpieces securely to be milled.
  • Angle vices – like a standard drill press vice but capable of setting a clamped workpiece up at an angle for machining.
  • Cross slide vices- has two mounts instead of one, which allows for versatile clamping and drilling abilities. The two mounts mean a workpiece can be moved in two different directions in order to place it in the best position.

Whether your job involves milling, drilling, grinding, or shaping, a machine vise is an indispensable tool that can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful machining operation. Our machine vices are a reliable and effective choice for any workshop.

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