Clips, Rings, Pins & Nails

Clips, Rings, Pins, and Nails for your fastening hardware needs

If you are looking for an alternative to threaded fasteners such as screws and bolts …. try Industrial Pins, clip, rings and nails.

These types of fasteners are unthreaded and used to mount, assemble, align and connect two components or materials together. Clips, rings and pins are mostly used in machine parts whilst nails are able to be used across a number of fastening applications.

Industrial Pins keep all manner of components and equipment attached securely to shafts, housings and other assemblies such as industrial machines, vehicles and electronics.

clips and rings

There are many types available including tapered, split and parallel pins such as spring, dowel pin, cotter pin, circlip, R clip and lynch pins. They are sometimes used together with a clip to keep them in place.

Retaining Rings and clips are used for internally or externally securing a shaft to prevent the shaft from sliding out of its position. The retaining ring acts as a shoulder which holds components in place. They consist of a spiral, semi-circular piece of metal that’s designed to hold the parts of a housing assembly together.

Nails are usually made of steel and given their versatility, can be used with many materials. Nails are metal fasteners with a sharp point at one end and a rounded flat head at the other end.

Junction Tool Supplies stocks a vast assortment of pin fasteners retaining rings, clips and nails available in an extensive selection of sizes and finishes. Drop in today and the team can assist you with your fastening hardware needs.

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