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Nails, screws, and staples are just a few of the many types of fasteners sitting in your toolbox and worked with every day. They are designed to hold materials together securely and provide a strong, long-lasting bond.

  • Nails are typically made of steel and come in various sizes and finishes. They are used for fastening wood and other materials together. They can be driven into place using a hammer, nail gun, or other tools.
  • Screws are similar to nails but have a threaded shaft that allows them to be tightened or loosened. They come in a variety of head styles, thread types, and lengths. They are often used to attach wood, metal, and plastic materials. Screws are typically driven into place using a screwdriver or power drill.
  • Staples are U-shaped fasteners designed to hold specific materials together such as insulation, upholstery, and wiring. They come in different sizes and styles and can be driven into place using a manual or electric stapler.

We offer a wide range of heaty duty nails, screws & staples in an extensive selection of sizes and finishes. We also stock fastening tools from riveters, nails and staple guns, to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

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