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With the right tools, you can complete any job more efficiently and with greater precision. Investing in quality hand tools is the key to doing great work for many years to come.

In any given workplace hand tools are must have pieces. Hand tools operate with manual force and since they don’t require tool batteries or power cords, they tend to weigh less, require less storage space and can be easily transported between worksites.

Explore our range of hand tools and get your tools of the trade for a great price. Choose from well-known brands as, Garrick Herbert, Pferd, Sutton Tools, Sidchrome, Stanley, Dewalt, Bahco, Ridgid, Knipex, Milwaukee, Champion and many more.

Our hand and striking tools fulfill the toughest requirements and stand for safe working in all industrial applications.

Prying Tools

Chisels and prybars are essentials hand tools for almost any form of carpentry, demolition and at the construction site.

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Bolt & screw extractor
Bolt & Screw Extractors

Extractors are essential tools designed to remove broken, damaged or embedded screws, bolts, and other fasteners that have become stripped or stuck in place.

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Hand files
Hand files

Hand files are invaluable tools for anyone who works with wood or metal. They provide an excellent way to shape, contour and smooth surfaces with a precision that other methods cannot achieve.

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Hammers are one of the main tools found within everyone’s home or within a work professional’s toolbox.

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Hand saw
Handsaw and Blades

A hand saw is found in every workshop and toolbox, whether you’re a professional woodworker, expert carpenter or DIY home repair enthusiast.

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metal cutters
Metal Cutters

Metal cutters are essential tools in any industry. Whether you are a construction worker, a metal fabricator or a hobbyist, these powerful tools allow you to cut and shape metal with precision and ease.

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Pliers are a multi-purpose hand tool with opposing jaws for gripping, bending and cutting.

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Punches & Chisels

Punches are hand tools that are used for various purposes, such as driving nails, pins, or other objects, or creating an indentation or hole in many materials.

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ratchets & sockets
Ratchets & Sockets

Ratchets and sockets are designed to make your life easier by providing a quick and easy way to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts.

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Shifters adjustable
Shifters & Adjustable Wrenches

Shifters or Adjustable wrenches are an open-ended wrench used to turn various-sized fasteners into nuts and bolts.

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When it comes to hand tools, spanners are an essential item for any DIY enthusiast or professional tradesmen and are found in any tool bag, box, or kit These versatile tools come in a variety of sizes and styles and are used to fastener or loosen bolts and nuts with a hexagonal shape.

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torx key
Torx & Hex Keys

Easy to use and one of the most well-known fasteners, hex keys or Allen keys, are six-sided wrenches designed to install or remove fasteners with a hexagonal head.

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Screwdrivers are used for inserting and removing or tightening and loosening screws.

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Vices & Clamps

Looking for a quick and secure way to hold objects in order for work to be done on them? Then you need one of our high-quality vices or clamps.

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torque wrench
Torque Wrenches

Choose Torque wrenches for
precision control allowing you to achieve the exact tightness needed for a particular job

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tools boxes

Is Your Toolbox Organized With The Right Set Of Hand Tools? If Not, We Are Sure To Meet Your Needs.

Hand tools come in many shapes and sizes. What tools you need depends on the type of work that needs to be done. You will also find hand tools specific to various trades, such as woodworking, metalworking, plastering, electrics, plumbing and engineering. Having a toolbox organized with a set of hand tools will make things easier and ensure you have the right tool for the job. 

We source a huge selection of hand tools including;

  • Holding Hand Tools – Clamps and Pliers.
  • Striking & demolition Hand Tools – Sledges, Hammers chisels, axes
  • Measuring / layout Handing Tools. – Tape measures & spirit levels
  • Metal Cutting Hand Tools – Reamers, Files, snips and Drills.
  • Grinding Hand Tools. –
  • Sharpening Hand Tools.
  • Cutting tools – knives, bolt cutters, pliers hacksaw, handsaw,
  • Grease & caulk guns
  • Clamps & vices
  • Screwdrivers
  • Threading Hand tools – die holders, die nuts
  • Fixing Hand tools –Nailers, Staple guns & Rivet tools
  • Fastening Hand Tools -Screw, Hex & Nut drivers
  • Spanners & Wrenches
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sharpen hand tools?

Hand tools are made from hardened metals that stay sharp for a long time, but with use any chisel, planer or knife they will become blunt. Here’s how to sharpen them and give your blades a new lease of life.

Before you begin, you’ll need a sharpening stone and some lubricant. It’s also a good idea to have a honing guide on hand if this is your first time hand sharpening tools.

Take care to match the original angle of the blade, and use as few strokes as possible as you pass the blade smoothly across the sharpening stone. The goal is to remove as little material as necessary while bringing the edge back to its original sharpness. Keep the blade lubricated as you sharpen.

What are the Safety precautions in using hand tools?

One of the best precautions you can take when using hand tools is to ensure the blades are kept sharp. A blunt tool is not only ineffective, it can cause you to exert excess pressure and put yourself at risk of injury. And to avoid slippage, always keep your hands dry and clean off any oil or grease.

As common as they are, striking tools are dangerous when improperly used. Striking tools can crush fingers, toes and other body parts. Improperly maintained striking surfaces may cause chips, or splinters of metal to fly into the air.

Wear eye protection at all times, and be sure to use the right tool for the job—improper use of hand tools can lead to shoddy work, broken tools, or even serious injury.

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