Metal Cutters

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Metal cutters are essential tools in any industry. Whether you are a construction worker, a metal fabricator or a hobbyist, these powerful tools allow you to cut and shape metal with precision and ease.


At Junction Tools we have shears and metal cutters to suit all metalworking tasks. Our range includes shears, snips, bolt cutters, rebar cutters, rotary cutters and saws all designed especially for slicing through metal.

The most common metal cutters are shears and Aviation and tin snips which are perfect for cutting sheet metal and other thin materials. Snips come in different styles of cuts including straight, -directional (left or right) and curved which are ideal for various precise cutting applications.

Every toolbox needs a good set of metal cutters. Depending on the thickness of the metal you wish to cut we stock a range of cutters that will meet your cutting needs and deliver long-lasting durability.

Metal Cutters
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