Punches & Chisels

From impact punches to punch pins we will help you choose the best punch for the job.

Punches are hand tools that are used for various purposes, such as driving nails, pins, or other objects, or creating an indentation or hole in many materials. They are essential for repair and fabrication work.

Punches are hammered into a material with a hammer or mallet and consist of a narrow rod or pin with a flat striking surface on one end and a pointed end on the other. Our range includes impact punches, taper punches, and center punches, as well as a variety of punch wad sets and punch pins.


With interchangeable tips and various punch sizes, a good punching tool allows you to create exact holes in various materials. This means you can create perfectly precise and aligned holes.

It’s important to use the right type of punch for the specific task and purchasing high-quality punches will save you time and effort when completing your job or project.

We supply punches and hand tools built to last and withstand heavy use. Paper, Metal, Leather. Fabric, Plastic. Cork. Rubber, Wood. Whatever material you’re working with, we’ve got the perfect puncher.

Punches & chisels
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