Shifters & Adjustable Wrenches

Tackle challenging fasteners tasks with our Shifters & adjustable wrenches

Shifters or Adjustable wrenches are an open-ended wrench used to turn various-sized fasteners into nuts and bolts.

These tools differ from ordinary spanners and wrenches through adjustable ‘jaws’ which can meet the size and fit of any individual nut, bolt or other fitting. This means you can accommodate various sizes of nuts and bolts within the one wrench and eliminate the need for multiple sized tools.


Adjustable wrenches feature a unique design that allows for more leverage and torque, making them perfect for a range of applications including plumbing and maintenance work in homes and commercial buildings.

They are fast and easy to operate and made of the toughest materials for use time and time again. Adjustable wrenches are available in a range of different sizes with multiple jaw capacities.

No need to rummage around your tool bag looking for the correct size tool with an adjustable wrench handy. Choose from our wide selection of adjustable wrenches – designed for ease of use in tight spaces, making them one of the most useful hand tools you’ll ever buy.

Shifters & adjustable Wrenches
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