Torx & Hex Keys

Torx & Hex Keys – An essential in your toolbox

Easy to use and one of the most well-known fasteners, hex keys or Allen keys, are six-sided wrenches designed to install or remove fasteners with a hexagonal head. The L shape of these wrenches is one of their most recognizable features.

Hex keys work like most other screwdrivers and wrenches, you can use them by placing one of the ends inside a fastener with a hexagonal socket head and turning it will either loosen or remove the fastener.


By twisting the long arm of the L shape you’ll create more torque, thereby making it easier to install or remove otherwise stubborn fasteners. Twisting the short arm, on the other hand, allows you to fit the hex key in small spaces.

Many varieties of hex keys are available, and each key is engraved with highly visible size markings to ensure you don’t choose the wrong size when using it.

Hex Keys are essential in any tool kit. We recommend getting yourself sorted with a full Hex key set. Having the full line-up not only looks good, but ensures you never get caught out trying to make do with something else.

Torx & Hex Keys
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