Vices & Clamps

Securely fix your objects in place with our Vices & Clamps

Looking for a quick and secure way to hold objects in order for work to be done on them? Then you need one of our high-quality vices or clamps.

  • Vices come in a wide range of styles and are typically fixed in place on a workbench. They feature two strong jaws that can be easily opened and closed by turning the handle either clockwise or anticlockwise.
  • Clamps are a device that applies pressure to hold objects tightly in place onto a work surface or to hold objects together between 2 grips. They are designed to be portable.


Available in a wide range of sizes, the clamps and vices you’ll find here deliver different clamping forces and holding angles.

We offer everything from small vices to drill press vices, hands vices to workbench vices, g clamps to clamp springs. Whether you’re working with wood or metal there will be a vice to suit your needs.

At Junction Tool Supplies, we also offer a variety of accessories you’ll need to carry out the necessary tasks such as drilling, filing, sawing and screwing, from magnetic bases, replacement jaws and more.

Vices & Clamps

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