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Ensure Safety and Durability With Our Extensive Range of Industrial Ladders

Choosing the right ladder for your industry – whether you are completing painting projects, changing light bulbs, or scaling rooftops – is no small decision. It is important to consider more than just height. Convenience, safety, and durability must be top priorities as well.

Fortunately, a variety of ladder types and grades are available to industries, allowing them to make the most out of their ladder investment. In addition, materials such as fibreglass or aluminium offer different ladder mobility and durability levels, so you can find a solution that meets your specific needs.

With the right choice in ladders offering convenience and safety, why settle for anything less? We, at Junction Tools Supplies offer you high-quality industrial ladders to suit your needs.

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Check Out Our Comprehensive Range Of Industrial Ladders

  • Aluminium step ladders
  • Double-sided platform ladders
  • Wire spooling ladders
  • Scaffoldings
  • Straight ladders
  • Single sided ladders
  • Dual purpose ladders
  • Extension ladders
  • Single builders’ ladders
  • Ladder accessories
  • Planks & multipurpose ladders
  • Order picking ladders>
  • Leaning step ladders
  • Extension ladders

Our comprehensive range of industrial ladders meet the needs of businesses looking for a safe, reliable, and stable access system. Industries often face strict regulations and  challenges regarding workers’ safety to eliminate or reduce the risks of falls from ladders That’s why we provide industrial  ladders designed specifically to provide the highest level of protection with user-friendly operation.

Why It Is Worth Making An Investment In Aluminium Work Platform Ladders?

Platform ladders provide a safe and reliable way to access elevated heights in industries, construction sites, and residential settings. Whether it be the roof of a home or a tall tree, the wide base of platform ladders provides users with stability while they reach the desired height.

Investing in an aluminium work platform ladder is a great way to ensure you have the right materials and protection for your working needs. Look for strong, durable components that won’t rust over time – especially if you use them in intense or extreme conditions. That way, safety is taken care of, so all you need to worry about is getting on with the job.

Aluminium work platforms are ideal for those looking to tackle job after job without worry. They won’t break down easily and are incredibly lightweight so that they can be moved around easily – even by one person.

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Contact Us before choosing a Ladder. That way you know it is fit for purpose.

Our company is proud to provide industries with easy-to-use and dependable industrial ladders that you can rely on. Want to get the highest quality aluminium ladder platform today? Contact our professional team, and they will be more than happy to answer any questions.


The industrial ladder is manufactured for extra duty industrial use and is a highly versatile piece of equipment. An industrial ladder must have a minimum load rating of 120kg.

Make sure you check out the environment – is the weather wet or windy, is there anything stopping the ladder from being set up safely, is there objects nearby, are the surfaces the ladder will rest on unstable or slippery.

The ladder itself – does it show any signs of damage does the job involve work near electricity,does the weigth of the person using the ladder and the tools required to do the job exceed the ladder’s capacity.

Lastly is the person trained and about to perform the task at hand.

  • Never drop or jar a ladder as it may damage the ladder and make it unsafe to use.
  • Always employ safe lifting practices when moving or handling ladders (e.g., bend the knees).
  • Always be aware of others and property when carrying ladders. Particular care should be taken when carrying a ladder through or doorway or around corners.
  • Ensure that you always have full control of the ladder.
  • Be aware of the position of your hands when using ladders to avoid entrapment.
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