Extension & Platform Ladders

Access those hard to reach spaces with our Extension & Platform Ladders

Height safety is vital to everyone. As soon as both feet leave the ground, you’re working at height.  Used in a variety of industrial environments, extension and platform ladders provide individuals with a safe and efficient way to carry out all kinds of manual handling tasks.

An extension ladder, can be extended to different lengths to reach different heights. It consists of two or more sections of ladder that slide into each other, allowing the ladder to be adjusted to the desired length.

A platform ladder features a large, flat platform at the top, between the ladder’s two spreaders. This platform provides a stable and secure work surface, making it a popular choice for tasks that require the user to stand on the ladder for extended periods of time.

Extension and Platform Ladders are available in different heights, materials, and weight capacities. So whether you are after an aluminum ladder to withstand the harsher environments of Construction sites and warehouses or a fiberglass platform ladder that doesn’t conduct electricity we have the ladder for you.

We also source a comprehensive range of ladder accessories. Anything from replacement castors, stepladder safety gate, safety gate rails to platform ladder handrails.

Extension & Platform Ladders

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