Safety Steps

Safety Steps – a simple step up to reach just outreach areas

Safety steps provide users with a simple step up to reach just out of reach areas that don’t require a ladder. Suitable for a range of applications, including use in industrial, commercial and domestic environments, our industrial safety steps add increased safety and productivity to any workplace.

Safety steps have all kinds of industrial uses. They can function as warehouse safety steps, factory safety steps, office safety steps, supermarket safety steps, retail safety steps, school safety steps and others. Additionally, they can also be a convenient piece of equipment to have in the household and can function as household safety steps and domestic safety steps.


Our plastic safety steps are all equipped with several safety features to ensure your safety when using them. They are robust and have a durable one-piece construction. Moreover, these anti-slip steps employ non-slip tape for anti-slip surfaces, and they have absolutely no rusting or dangerous sharp edges.

The safety step is a lightweight, safe and sturdy step to help you access hard to each area and a must have in any environment. Pick yours up today from Junction Tool Supplies.

Safety Steps

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