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Moving bulky items securely can be tricky and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. As every job is unique, you’ll need different types of lifting equipment to safely and efficiently complete a lift. We hold an extensive range of lifting and rigging equipment that is suitable for projects, big and small.

If you’re in need of a sling to move heavy loads look no further than Junction Tool Supplies. We’ve got chain and web slings, useful for several industrial and construction applications, and wire rope slings used for hoisting and rigging.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer quality lifting equipment and rigging products, with an extensive range from leading suppliers such as Aust Lift, Pacific Hoists, Grange Lift, PWB Anchor and Beaver Brands and Garrick Herbert. You can be assured that all lifting and rigging equipment we supply will comply to the relevant Australian Standards. In addition, the equipment will be supplied with test certificates where applicable or are available upon request Brands.

Our team of experts are available to discuss any questions and help you select a lifting product according to your job needs.

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Safety Harnesses

Safety harnesses are an essential piece of safety equipment for those who work at heights, in confined spaces with high entry points, or on elevated platforms.

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Ropes are a fundamental component of lifting and hoisting equipment, providing the necessary strength and flexibility to lift heavy objects and move them in confined areas for material lifting applications, there are two primary types of rope; wire rope and synthetic ropes, such as PP rope, nylon and Sisal.

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Rigging Inspection Tags

Rigging tags play a crucial role in any lifting and rigging operation as they aid in identifying equipment and maintaining records of tests and inspections.

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Recovery Straps & Load Restraints

Recovery straps & load restraints are essential products within the material handling sector.

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Lifting Chains & Hardware

No matter what industry you work in, safety is always a top priority. When it comes to lifting and rigging, using the proper chains, and hardware as hooks and eyebolts is vital to ensuring the safe and efficient lifting of even the heaviest loads.

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chain block
Chain & Lever Blocks

Chain and lever blocks, also known as hoists or chain hoists, are used for lifting and lowering heavy loads and material handling operations.

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Hoists & Winches

At Junction tools we have hoists and winches to handle, lift, and lower heavy objects or loads.

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Lifting Slings
Lifting Slings

Industrial Lifting slings are ideal for lifting and transporting all types of loads. They are strong, highly reliable, and suitable for a wide array of lifting applications.

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chain & liever blocks

Check Out Our Lifting And Rigging Selection

Lifting Rigging equipment is an essential part of many industries. It ensures that objects are moved safely and efficiently from construction to engineering and event staging.

Rigging can be an intensive job; one that requires detailed training for the rigger and the utmost in safety both in processes and equipment.

Selecting the right equipment is crucial. Check out our range below.

  • Chain & Lifting Fittings – We also offer a range of custom chains for every need.
  • Lifting slings
  • Winching equipment
  • Hoisting equipment – lever & chain blocks
  • Ropes & fitting– We offer a comprehensive array of synthetic ropes, fittings and commercial rigging gear to individuals, engineering, and construction firms. The wires, ropes and fittings used are designed dependent on the task for which they are required.
  • Rigging – Including shackles, turnbuckles and rigging screws, lifting and lashing points, clamps, trolleys, safety chain.

At Junction Tool Supplies, we offer everything you need in lifting and rigging supplies. We advise which products will best meet your needs and ensure they meet industry standards. So, with competitive prices and top-quality materials, what are you waiting for? Visit us today and get the perfect lifting or rigging solution for your upcoming project.

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Safety Guidelines For Using Lifting and Rigging Equipment

Lifting and rigging equipment is beneficial for any business, but it must not be used without taking the correct safety precautions. It should only be operated by properly trained and certified individuals due to the potential for serious or even fatal injuries if the proper safety guidelines are not followed.

Additionally, all lifting and rigging operations should be planned and assessed to ensure workers have proper access to equipment and safe clearance between personnel, materials, objects, and equipment. Lastly, non-essential personnel should always be off-site when lifting heavy items.

There are many different types of lifting and rigging products in the marketplace. It is very important for companies to maintain equipment, understanding each items inspection requirements, and most importantly keeping their employees safe. A safety check for your lifting and rigging equipment may seem like less of a priority than the continuous growing to-do-list, but it’s really important to keep up to date with these checks to ensure quality gear is being used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Equipment Inspections Essential?

Operating specialised equipment such as lifting and rigging equipment requires careful inspection to ensure everything is in good working condition. Failure to inspect lifting equipment can result in:

  • Accidents and injuries
  • Delays due to repairs and replacements that need to be done
  • Financial losses because your lifting equipment isn’t serviced regularly

Making sure that your equipment is inspected regularly is for safety, but also increases the lifespan of your equipment. You also ensure they remain in prime condition to deliver the best outcomes while in use.

What is the purpose of rigging?

The purpose of rigging is to move heavy loads from one place to another on a construction or industrial site. Rigging can also involve the process to secure a load or structure with ropes, cable, chains and other mechanical devices and fittings so that they can be lifted and moved safely or restrained and anchored.

What is the difference between lifting and rigging?

The difference between lifting and rigging is that lifting refers to the lifting equipment used to raise, roll, slide or lift heavy objects such as machinery or materials, whereas rigging equipment such as wire rope, turnbuckles, clevis, and jacks are each used with cranes and other lifting equipment in material handling and structure relocation.

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