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We have a wide range of hoists & winches to make lifting easier and safer

At Junction tools we have hoists and winches to handle, lift, and lower heavy objects or loads. Hoists and winches provide a safe and convenient way to move items that are way too heavy to be transported by hand. Winches are used to pull the heavy weight toward or away from a point (horizontally) where hoists are used for lifting the weight vertically.

We offer a wide range of Manual and Powered hoists & winches , which come in three varieties: electric, air/pneumatic, and hydraulic to suit a variety of hoisting or pulling applications.

Manual hoists and winches, are popular for their convenience, simple mechanisms and ease of use. Often, small and portable they can be operated by one person. They have the advantage of being able to be used in environments where electricity is impractical or not available.

Powered hoists and winches take the hard work out of heavy lifting jobs, working faster and more efficiently than their manual counterparts.

No matter your need for elevating heavy or awkward objects, hoists and winches from Junction Tools are only a phone call away.

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