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Industrial Lifting slings are ideal for lifting and transporting all types of loads. They are strong, highly reliable, and suitable for a wide array of lifting applications. There are numerous types of lifting slings including webbing slings, chain slings, wire rope slings, and round slings.

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Lifting sling materials most commonly consist of either cable, chain, rope or webbing, and are used with the aid of a crane or another lifting device.

  • Wire rope slings are perfect for jobs that require strength and durability such as lifting, hoisting, towing, winching and anchoring of heavy loads and are manufactured from galvanised wire rope.
  • Webbing Slings are ideal for lifting awkward loads on a regular basis as they conform to the shape of the object, they are lifting. They are color coded so that their weight ratings can be easily recognized.
  • Round ropes – Manufactured with an endless loop of yarns protected by a woven tubular jacket. The full wrap jacket makes these the perfect lifting option for items you want to protect from scratches or damage.
  • Chain Slings – designed to lift very heavy and bulky loads on a regular and repetitive basis and withstand harsh environments.

With many types of lifting slings and accessories like hooks and shackles available here at Junction Tool Supplies we are sure to have slings that suit your lifting requirements – we can also supply made to order slings where needed. Visit us today.

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