Rigging Inspection Tags

Rigging Tags: Essential for Safe Lifting and Rigging Operations

Rigging tags play a crucial role in any lifting and rigging operation as they aid in identifying equipment and maintaining records of tests and inspections.

Rigging tags also provide valuable information about the equipment, such as the weight capacity, date of inspection and identification number, which is essential in ensuring safe and efficient equipment use and prevention of accidents.


In order to operate safely, all lifting, rigging and hoisting equipment must be inspected and tagged. Inspections should be performed every 3 months, and the tags that are placed on the equipment represent the quarter of the year that the inspection or test was performed.

  • Red: January to March
  • Green: April to June,
  • Blue: July to September
  • Yellow: October to December

Different colors and styles of lifting & rigging tags are available to suit various purposes. With common types of tags including wire rope tags, Crane & hoist tag sand chain sling tags.

We have a range of different Lifting and Rigging Inspection Tags for harsh environments and industrial use. Contact us as we are committed to providing quality products to ensure the safety of all in lifting and rigging applications.

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