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Safety Harnesses – a vital part of your safety height equipment

Safety harnesses are an essential piece of safety equipment for those who work at heights, in confined spaces with high entry points, or on elevated platforms. They are specially designed to protect a person from injury and accidents their main functions being to stop falls from happening and shield its user from harm if they do.

A safety harness is made up of three main parts – a full body harness, the lanyard and the anchor point. The harness is worn by the worker and attaches to the lanyard, which is then attached to an anchor point or an immovable object. This anchor point ensures they will not hit the ground in the event of a fall.

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A safety harness works by equally distributing force in the event of a fall, so that no one body part takes the full impact. Combined with adjustable straps to guarantee correct fit this reduces the possibility of slipping out of the harness during a fall.

Application requirements, size, weight limit, number of attachment points, worker comfort, and freedom of worker movement while in the harness are all factors that must be considered when selecting a safety harness.

We supply safety harnesses that are built with durability and comfort in mind for a range of applications as well as various industries.

We also have a selection of height safety equipment in-store including harnesses, ropes and accessories so you can tackle those high risk jobs with confidence.

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