Grease & Specialty Lubricants

Keep Your Machinery running smoothly with Grease & Specialty Lubrications

All mechanical components require special lubricants or grease as bearings, gears, chains and valves. Grease and specialty lubricants are designed to lubricate moving parts and to protect machinery against corrosion, oxidation, friction, wear and tear. They also have an added advantage of stopping water and other contaminants from coming into contact with the equipment.

There are multiple types of specialty lubricants and greases available with different suitability for different applications.

Junction Tool Supplies offers a range of specialty lubricants and grease including Silicone brake lubricant, Synthetic grease products, Nickel Anit seize, Copper anit seize, Lithium grease, Food grade lubricants and others. These are available in aerosols, sprays, grease and pastes.

We know that the right lubrication is essential to prolonging the life of your equipment, so you can be confident that we have the right lubricant or grease to keep your machinery working like clockwork.

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