Steel Strapping

Secure Your Loads with Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is a great way to secure items for transport or storage. It’s strong, durable and comes in a variety of sizes and strengths to suit any application. Made from a range of different alloys, steel strapping offers the highest possible break strength, enabling it to withstand the heaviest loads without breaking and with minimal stretch.


Steel strapping is heat treated to ensure uniform tensile and elongation properties, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications such as palletising, bundling, unitizing and more. Available in a range of widths and thicknesses to meet the needs of any job.

Most steel strapping is painted, but galvinised (or zinc plated) steel strapping is available to provide the best corrosion resistance for goods being stored out doors. Steel strapping comes in either RIBBON (RIB) form which is small hand rolls or ROPE which are longer industrial rolls.

For your strapping needs contact us and also ask us about our a range of tooling for your strapping as steel strapping dispensers, tensioners, shears and crimpers.

Steel Strapping

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