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Industrial Markers, Crayons & pencils for the toughest enviroments

Perfect for builders, landscapers, tilers, concreters and many more trades, industrial markers, crayons and pencils are designed to be durable and resistant to wear and tear. These versatile accessories are easily applied on both smooth, rough and oily surfaces ensuring your references are accurate and clearly visible.

Depending on your application our specialty crayons, markers and pencils are suitable for marking a wide range of surface materials.

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Pencils are used for marking timber, plastic and cardboard. However, they are not so good at showing up on dark or hard surfaces. and that’s where you need a crayon.

Industrial Marking Crayons have been specially formulated to write on most wet and dry surfaces. These hard wax marking crayons are waterproof and work anywhere. Including rubber, steel, glass, concrete, leather, plastic, polystyrene and all timbers. Available in a wide range of colors they are an ideal substitute where pencils and other markers just don’t cut it.

Temperature indication paint crayons are also available which can withstand extreme heat and harsh conditions, making them fantastic for applications including forging, welding, and bending.

If it’s industrial makers, you are looking for our range have the added advantages of permanent and waterproof ink that is quick drying for work on the go.

Junction Tool Supplies offer industrial makers, crayons and pencils to suit a wide range of uses both in the office and in the field. From a range of colours, including Fluorescents, to temporary or permanent marking and being highly fade resistant on most non-porous surfaces we have the maker for the toughest environment.

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