Safety & marking Stencils

For a professional finish, consider using our safety & marking stencils!

Reusable stencil sets are a cost-effective way to maintain facilities, signage and important safety messages around worksites and buildings. When it comes to stenciling product identification, shipping information, or other valuable information that requires a clear and permanent mark, our stencilling products stand up to the test.

They come in different shapes and sizes and are ideal for a variety of applications. Stencil kits are great for marking most substrates, including floors, agricultural and engineering plant, machinery, and shipping packing cases.

safety & marking stencilling

There are a range of stencil kits available for purchase from Junction Tool Supplies, including brass and zinc interlocking stencil kits, alphabet stencil kits, and number stencil kits. They are made of sturdy materials and can be used multiple times.

We also source a huge range of Safety & Marking Stencils such as Shipping Stencils, Parking Stencils, Safety Stencils, & workplace stencils.

To apply inks and paints we have brushes, rollers and spray cans in a range of colors. Need mineral turpentine to clean up afterwards…we have that too.

Whether you need to mark a surface for identification or decoration, our stencil kits are the perfect tool for the job. Order your stencil kit today and get started on your next job or project!

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