Tape Measures

Get Accurate Readings with Tape Measures

Tape measures are a staple in everyone’s toolbox. This portable tool has marks, which provide you with imperial or metric measurements or both as its gauge. It is used to measure the size of an object from one to another.

It’s important to choose a tape measure based on what you’re planning to use it for. Areas to look for are precision, larger standout (the distance a tape can be extended before it bends) user friendliness and locking mechanism.

We offer a wide selection of top-quality tapes that come in varying colors, size, accuracy and blade material to suit different requirements.  If you need to capture complex measurements more easily than Laser measuring tapes which offer the ability to “see” around corners, are the measuring device for you.

Other features can include magnetized cases, self-adhesive bench top surface, and dual-end hooks that help you get accurate measurements.

At Junction Tool Supplies we’re proud to offer tape measures that can be relied on to accurately measure distances & sizes. Whether you are looking for a tape measure for a home improvement or professional project and we’ll give you the best choices from the best brands.

Tape Measures
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