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Industrial Hose Supply And Quality Pipe Fittings For Your Fluid Transfer Needs

Every industrial hose application requires something different, whether it’s high or low pressure, fast or slow transfer rates, or materials that range from air to water to hazardous chemicals.

As a leading supplier of industrial hoses, pipes, valves and fittings used by a diverse range of industries, Junction Tool Supplies can provide expert advice on your fluid transfer requirements.

Importance of Choosing The Right Industrial Hose & Fittings

Hoses are essential pieces of equipment in industries of all kinds. They quickly and efficiently transport process materials, such as gas fluids and powder. They also provide pneumatic and steam functions which play an important role in the processing of industrial products.

To ensure durability, hoses are designed to withstand external forces of corrosion and abrasion, coming in many different sizes to accommodate specific requirements in industries.

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We understand the importance of finding an industrial hose that performs and is durable. That’s why our range features hoses designed to handle various demanding tasks for industries. Our selection of industrial hoses includes: –

  • Air & Multipurpose Hoses
  • Chemical Hoses
  • Food & Beverage House
  • Material Handling Hoses
  • PVC Hoses
  • Steam Hoses
  • Water Hose
  • Welding Hoses
  • Fuel & Oil Hoses
  • Ducting Hoses
  • House Hoses

When someone needs industrial hoses, the specific application is generally what drives the title of the type of hose that is requested.

Choose your hose based on:
– What size you need (both the inside diameter and the outside diameter).
– Temperature – what temperature will the hose be used in
– Application – where you hose will be used
– What ends & attachments are available to maximise your application


Whatever you need Junction Tool Supplies have a massive variety of hose-ends and attachments to choose from which satisfy the most demanding industries Australia wide.

Whether you need valves, to control the flow rate, assembly clips and clamps to attach your hose, camlock fittings, couplings, adaptors to connect your hose, a new nozzle to control the pressure or a hose reel for storage and portability we can find the best product to meet your needs.

No matter what your job requires, you can trust our expert team to help guide you toward the proper type and size solution.

Why Choose Us As Your Pipe Fittings Supplier?

Pipe Fittings are essential components that make it possible to change flow direction, adjust pipe size and connect different elements in piping. They also help terminate the flow with caps – all available in various shapes, sizes, materials, and styles to meet every plumbing need.

We are the leading supplier of high-quality industrial pipe fittings with a dynamic team of staff with decades of knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive industrial supplies across Australia.

Our loyal customers have experienced the superior performance and top-notch results that come with entrusting our pipe fittings products. Whether it be long-term or short, our clients always receive quality service.

Our Range of Pipe Fittings Available Across Australia

We stock a wide range of Tube & pipe fittings including pipe flanges, galvanised pipe fittings, brass fittings and much more.

What are pipe fittings?

Pipe fittings help the flow of liquids or gas. They are used to connect systems of straight pieces of pipe and can change the direction of flow. Fittings can also assist flow through diameter changes between sections of piping. There are many different types of fittings, and these can all be made from different materials. The fittings and pipe you choose are crucial to any job, so don’t compromise your work and use only the very best quality and system on offer.

We have many types of pipe fittings available.

  • Couplers
  • Push Fit
  • Elbow
  • Reducer

We stock many other pipe accessories as well as pipe fittings, such as:

  • Flanges
  • Back Nuts
  • Pipe Support Liners
  • Compression Olives
  • Pipe Covers
  • Bellow & Pump Connectors
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Plugs
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Over the years, we have been dedicated to providing industrial hoses tailored to your application needs with a full selection of compatible nozzles, valves, couplings, and other fittings. Get the perfect solution for you by getting in touch with us today.


Pipe fittings can be made in many different materials. Some materials are better for some functions than others:

  • Copper – can withstand very high temperatures. Always used for the final connections made to boilers/ furnaces for central heating.
  • PVC & ABS – light and non-toxic. They have more ‘give’ than copper therefore when water freezes and expands in the piping there is little chance of it busting.
  • Stainless Steel – Often used for aesthetic reasons where plumbing is exposed. More corrosion resistant than copper but more rigid.
  • Iron – Malleable (ductile) iron is a good choice in industry because it is stronger than copper and plastic, but it is rarely used in domestic installations.
  • PEX – Cross-linked high-density polyethylene (PEX) is ductile and tough and works well in very low temperatures. When installing be aware that it can expand drastically, and it needs to be shielded when used outdoors because it is susceptible to UV.
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