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Junction Tool Supplies PTY. LTD. sell premium quality industrial tools supplies available to trade, industry, and DIY customers throughout Australia.

We aim to stock some of the best industrial tools and supply them to our customers depending on their requirements. We work closely with our chain of industrial tools suppliers and get access to high-quality tools at reasonable prices. We pass on the savings to our valued customers, making the best of industrial tools available to them at competitive prices.


Reliable source for industrial tools

We pay special attention to the quality of the products that we source. Whether we stock industrial tools supplies or engineering supplies, we aim at dealing only in superior products.

No matter what the scale of the project is, the need for quality industrial tools arises for sure. Keeping this in mind, we aim at providing a variety of tools to our customers, making it easy for them to carry on different tasks.

Products Range Index

  • Aquasol - Soluble Purge Paper and Tapes
  • Centromat - Pipe Fit-Up Tools
  • Centrotor BG - Internal Simultaneous Purge Clamps
  • GAL Gauges - Welding Gauges
  • GBC - Pipe Beveling and Cutting Machines
  • H&M - Cage Clamps
  • H&M - Oxy or Acetylene Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machines
  • Help - Ceramics Backing Tapes
  • JA - Pipe Fit-Up Clamps
  • JA - Pipe Alignment Chain Clamps
  • JA - Weld Purging Units
  • JA - Trailing Shields
  • JA - Tungsten Grinders
  • Kistler - Pipe Rotators and Manipulators
  • Marking-Out Tools - Wizard & Curv-O-Mark
  • Miracle Point - Tool for finding Center & Angles
  • Orbital Welding Equipment - Orbital Welding Systems for Tube and Pipe
  • PBM - Pipe Beveling Machines
  • PTA Pipe Stands - Folding Type, Fixed Type all ajustable height
  • PTA Purge Monitor - Monitoring contents of gas in chamber
  • Reciprocating Saw Blades - for Cutting Pipe Saws
  • Sawyer - Pipe Line Pipe Cutters
  • Solar Flux - Stainless Steel Welding Paste
  • Thomas C Wilson - Tube Expanders and Tube Rolling Equipment
  • Tig Brush - Cleaning Stainless Steel
  • Wizard - Pipe Alignment Chain Clamp
  • Vermaat Technic - Pipeline Orbital Welding System

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Get in touch with us on (03) 9689 8777 to know more about our pipe beveling machines, pipe fitter tools, and pipe stands in Australia.
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