Low & High Pressure Pipe Fittings

Pipe Fittings give the best connection solutions

A pipe fitting is a part used in a piping system to control the flow of liquids, gases or powders etc. They are used to connect systems of straight pieces of pipe and can change the direction of flow. Pipe fittings offer watertight seals making them essential for plumbing and pipeline applications.

There are many different types of fittings which are all made from different materials such as brass, cooper, pvc, stainless steel, iron. Depending on your needs there are fittings available for high temperatures and various pressure ranges, lengths, sizes and fittings.


Different Types of Pipe Fittings include;

  • Couplers – These have two threaded ends that allow two pipes or tubes to be joined, welded (steel), brazed or soldered (copper, brass etc.) together.
  • Push fit – The sockets simply fit together with just a push.
  • Elbow – These fittings are installed between two pipes to create a change of direction.
  • Reducer – If a pipe needs to change diameter a reducer fixture connects the different sized ends together.
  • Cross type fittings contain 4 openings in 4 directions. These are connected when there are 4 pipes meeting at a point.
  • Adapters are used to connect dissimilar pipes
  • Tees- are used when dividing the main fluid flow into 2 streams
  • Caps & plugs -to plug or create a dead end at the end of the pipe
  • Nipples – allows you to connect two other fittings
  • Flange – a projecting flat surface or rim used to join valves, pipes, pumps, and other pieces of pipework to form a pipework system. These surfaces are joined and sealed via clamps, bolts, and/or welding

The fittings and pipe you choose are crucial to any job, so don’t compromise your work – only use the very best quality and system on offer.

We have a well-rounded range, however if we don’t stock an item that you are after, give us a ring or send us an email and we’ll see if we can source the product, you are after ang et it to you quickly.

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