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Look no Further for your Pipe fitting tools for accurate pipe alignment

Best Pipe Fitting Tools

Precision is paramount on pipeline projects. Pipe fitting tools include guides, alignment tools, framing squares and more.They are essential pieces of equipment in the installation of new pipe systems or the repair of existing ones.

If you’re looking for pipe-fitting tools, we are here to help. We carry pipe fitting tools for professionals who put in their all when they’re on the job, and expect their tools to do the same. All our products are made from high-quality, durable materialsand  designed to be robust enough to come through when it counts

A great range of pipe tools and equipment at Junction Tool Supplies

From all your pipe fitting needs we have a range of tools to make the task at hand simple and straightforward.

We supply a wide range of pipe tools and equipment for welding, cutting and bevelling. We have and extensive stock of pipe stands, and pipe clamps together with end prep, split frames and clamshells for all cutting and pipe bevelling requirements.

Our range includes;

  • Pipe alignment and clamping tools
  • Pipe clamps
  • Magnetic centreing tools
  • Pipe wraps
  • Pipe stands
  • Purge equipment
  • Welding gauges

Our pipe fitting tools are designed by manufacturers who know your job—because they’ve done it. We supply quality pipe fitting tools and accessories fromAquasol, JA, TC Wilson, Solarflux, Wizard, GBC, SMP and more.

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Explore our range from Pipe Tools Australia

We handpick every pipe fitting tool with two things in mind: utility and durability—so you can do your job. Take a look. You won’t be disappointed.

Here at Junction Tool Supplies we carry most of the fit up, alignment and layout tools you need. Whether it is two hole pins, centering heads, hi-lo gauges, welding tools, marking tools, cutting tools, wraparounds, pipe spacing tools, or pipe clamps.

Get in touch with us today for any pipe fitting tools and pipe aligning application.

Choosing The Right Abrasive Industrial Supplies

Abrasives play an invaluable role in the production of everyday objects. From car bodies to kitchen countertops, abrasive materials help shape many common objects with precision and accuracy.

Selecting an appropriate abrasive shape can make all the difference when working on a surface. For flat surfaces, use either a flat disk to aggressively abrade narrow areas or conical discs for wider and more precise work. To tackle corners and curved surfaces, consider cup-shaped abrasives – they will ease you through those tricky spots.

Are you looking to take your project from ordinary to extraordinary? Check out our abrasive rolls, belts, discs and sheets. Our handy products are flexible enough for use by hand or machine.

Junction tools

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Junction Tools Supplies is here to equip you with everything necessary to complete those jobs and projects to the best standard. From workshop and precision tools to HSS drill bits and thrust screws – whatever your needs are, our vast selection of top-notch industry products will help you get the job done. Need further information from our expert team? Call us at (03) 9689 8777


  1. Pipe Wrench.
  2. Pipe Pliers.
  3. Centering Head.
  4. Pipe Wrap.
  5. Pipe Clamp.
  6. Fitter Grips.
  7. Flange Aligner.
  8. Radius Markers.

Pipefitting includes installing, assembling, and repairing mechanical piping systems whereas welding involves fabricating, constructing, and producing metal structures and equipment. These professionals often find a career in automotive repair, shipbuilding, manufacturing, or construction.

Part fit-up involves several key steps, including matching the inside diameter (ID) of the two pieces of pipe to be welded and making sure you have a proper gap between the pipes for the root pass.

Weld purging is a process where oxygen is evacuated from a pipe, tank, or chamber using a noble gas such as argon or nitrogen. This process prevents oxygen from entering the weld pool, which can cause poor quality and loss of corrosion resistance.

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