Pipe Stands

Our pipe stands are the ideal solution for heavy duty pipe handling

Pipe Stands are used for rolling, supporting, and handling pipe safely and efficiently. The main functions of pipe stands are to act as an anchor shock absorber and support various loads.

Pipe stands can be used in a range of applications, as they are designed to accommodate different pipe sizes with adjustable height. Our products include a variety of stands with different head types, wheel options and folding types allowing you to choose the most suitable stand for your specific needs.

Our heavy-duty steel and stainless-steel stands are built to withstand the demanding environments of industrial work, providing durability and reliability. Meanwhile, our lightweight stands with nylon or stainless-steel wheels are ideal for lighter applications where mobility is of key importance.

We stock V-Head pipe stands which can hold pipes of different sizes and are used in welding or other tasks that require holding pipes in a fixed position and Roller Head pipe stands (tri pipe stands) which allows pipes to be easily rotated or moved while being held in place.

Choosing the best type of stand for a given project depends on the size, weight, and application of the pipe being supported. At Junction Tool Supplies we offer flexible solutions for your pipe handling needs.

Pipe Stands

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