Solar Flux

Protect the back of your welds with Solar Flux

One problem when welding stainless steel & alloy steels is that only the front of the weld is protected. Solar flux has been specifically designed for the back of the weld to create an x ray quality finish and prevent a sugary, porous weld, burn-through result.

Solar Flux is a complex chemical compound in the form of a very fine powder. Solar Flux is mixed with alcohol (methanol/methyl alcohol preferred) and brushed on the weld joint. It is formulated to shield the back of the weld joint from oxygen, dissipate heat and unwanted oxides, and to clean the surface of the metal. It will aid in the flow of filler metal over base metal and form a protective barrier to prevent re-oxidation and heat scale.


Solar Flux is of two types: Type B and Type 1

Type 1 is used for welding high nickel superalloys

Type B for stainless steel and high chromium alloys

Common Applications for SOLAR FLUX:

  • Pipe and tube welding
  • Maintenance welding
  • One-of-a-kind welds
  • Large diameter pipes and ducts

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