Water Soluble Paper & Tape

Increased pipe welding efficiency with Water Soluble Paper & Tape

Water-soluble paper and tape are a great solution for creating purge dam chambers for pipe welding. They provide a convenient and cost-effective method and improve the overall efficiency of the entire welding process.

Water-soluble paper is engineered in such a way that it will allow the user to place the dam in the proper position in a pipe before maximising the adhesive seal. Once the weld is complete the pipe is flushed with water and the paper and tape dissolves instantaneously. No residue is left behind in the pipeline.

Water-soluble paper comes in either sheet form to cut to shape, fold and tape to each side of the pipe or as a pre-formed, self-adhesive water-soluble purge dam that enables welders to save time on weld preparation. Water Soluble Paper and Tape is available in a wide range of grades and sizes permitting the construction of purge dams for any pipe diameter. Extremely easy to store, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Contact us to discuss your soluble paper requirements with quality brands as Aquasol you are sure to find the most efficient and economical way to improve your pipe welding process.

We also stock Ez Wipes a multipurpose cleaning wipe which remove oil, dirt, grease, marker and loose particles from a variety of surfaces. Ideal for cleaning industrial work surfaces, tools, machinery and especially pipes, where contamination can severely impact the quality of the weld.

Water Soluable Paper & Tape

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