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Quality from the beginning with our Drilling. Screwdriving, chiselling and stirring systems

Whether it be drilling in masonry, concrete or wood, or heavy-duty chiseling and cutting work or stirring mortar – our range of drilling, screwdriving, chiseling and stirring systems are out to impress every time.

Cordless Drill
  • Drilling tools are used for making holes in materials. With Impact drills, rotary and chipping hammers and hammer drills, you can drill with impact in roof tiles, stone and concrete and drill without impact in wood and metal.
  • Screwdriving tools are used for tightening and loosening screws. If you have to insert a lot of screws or particularly big ones, impact screwdrivers and drywall screwdrivers are the way to go.
  • Chiseling tools are used for shaping, cutting, and removing material. Need to drill and chip concrete? Chisel hammers & rotary hammers excel at these jobs.
  • Stirring tools are used for stirring concrete, mortar or joint filler. Our stirrers can tackle any viscous material reliably.

All our power tools are connected by high performance with perfect ergonomics and live up to any challenge on the construction site and in the workshop. These tools come in a range of sizes and designs to suit different tasks and options as electric and battery operated.

Junction Tool Supplies also offers accessories, tradespersons and industry need for their drilling, screwdriving, chiselling and stirring tools.

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