Glue Guns

Find Lasting Solutions with a trusty Glue Gun

Glue guns are used in many woodworking, crafting, home improvement projects and industrial applications. These guns heat up quickly and disperse hot glue that can bond materials such as fabric, wood, paper, metal, plastic and more.

They come in a variety of types with various capabilities and settings depending upon the needs of your job. Thanks to the simple and comfortable design, glue guns are easy to operate and require minimal setup.

To apply glue, press the trigger down until you have ample hot glue applied to your material. After application, the glue will cool and solidify and is fully cured within 1 minute depending on the substrate and working conditions. Once complete, you can store your glue gun away in a cool place until it’s time to use again.

Whether you are a professional tradesperson or hobbyist, choose the glue gun and glue gun sticks (glue) for your needs.  From large to small projects, the glue gun ensures optimal performance with different power adjustments for multiple uses. To get more details about what glue guns are available contact us where our friendly team is always willing to answer any questions.

Glue Guns
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