Hedge Trimmers

With easy Manoeuvrability and Precision Cutting Use Hedge Trimmers for your green maintenance

Wishing to make trimming hedges and shrubs a breeze? Then hedge trimmers are the ideal choice. regardless of if your hedge is a small eye-catching detail or a tall and lush masterpiece.

Featuring adjustable blades and rotating handles for precision cutting, ergonomic design and powerful motors, these tools offer exceptional control for long working hours. Lightweight construction and durability make Hedge Trimmers a must-have tool for any gardener both at home and the trade professional looking to tackle their garden maintenance jobs.

Cutting Hedge

Features include:

  • Reach: extendable handles or telescopic features that allow you to reach high or hard-to-get spots
  • Versatility: different blade attachments, making them suitable for various trimming tasks, such as shaping, pruning and cutting back overgrown hedges.
  • Safety: safety features such as blade guards and safety switches that provide added protection while in use.
  • Petrol, Battery or Electric Options ensuring you will choose the exact type you prefer.

Whatever your needs we have the hedge trimmer to suit you. Whether you need an attachment or a spare part to keep your existing tool in action, or you’re looking for a new tool, look no further than Junction Tool Supplies.

To assist with your gardening needs we also stock shears for pruning and cutting, snips, bow saws and chain saws for those larger jobs.

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