Industrial Pumps & Fluid Transfer Pumps

Industrial & Fluid Transfer Pumps for your fluid transfer needs

Industrial Pumps & Fluid Transfer pumps are a must if you have fluid that you need to move from one area to another. These pumps create suction, which carries the liquid or material. They are suitable for pumping a range of fluids including water, chemicals, viscous lubricants, gases and fuel.

Most models feature corrosion-resistant construction with handy accessories that make installation and maintenance fast and simple. They are designed for tough applications and to withstand the rigors of the most demanding industrial environments.

Industrial pumps are categorized specific to their required application.  In selecting a pump, you need to determine the type of liquid, the thickness of the liquid to be transferred and where it needs to go.

To enable maximum versatility and find a pump that fits your needs, we offer a choice of electric, air, drum, hand & submersible pumps. Also, if you need a pump that’s easy to transport between projects or around different areas of the same site, our portable pumps might be the right solution.

With a variety of types and uses you can choose from a range of maximum flow rates and discharge head sizes to get the right functionality you need.

At Junction Tool Supplies, we are proud to offer industrial & fluid transfer pumps that are powerful, reliable, versatile and built to last.

Industrial Pumps & fluid Transfer Pumps
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