Sanding & Polishing Tools

Our sanding & polishing tools are designed to help you achieve a smooth finish

Sanders and polishers are essential tools for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications. While you can sand or polish any surface by hand, using a sanding or polishing tool is much easier and faster. Both trade professionals and DIYers can benefit from having a sander, polisher or sander/polisher combo tool in their collection.

Anyone who has had to hand sand anything knows how labour intensive it is. A cordless sander makes light work of smoothing surfaces. There are different types of sanders including orbital sanders, detail sanders, belt sanders and buffer and polishers to suit a wide variety of finishing applications. They are also available in electric, battery or air powered options.

Sanders are used to smooth a surface with sandpaper or another abrasive material and are ideal for a range of applications from precision sanding to surface preparation. They can be used on wood, plastic and metal.

A polisher is a tool with an abrasive pad that spins at high speeds. It can polish and buff your vehicle or smooth out rough finishes on wood and concrete. Like sanders, polishers help add that finishing touch to a wide range of projects by leaving an attractive sheen on metal on other materials. You can use a polisher to remove a variety of defects including water spots, swirls, etching, scratches and more.

Whatever your job, whatever your project we have the right Sander and polisher for you.

Sanding & Polishing Tools
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