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Body protection is the act of protecting oneself from physical harm or injury. This can include wearing protective clothing and safety equipment, engaging in safe practices while on the job or while participating in an activity, and following protective procedures when necessary.

Employees who face possible bodily injury of any kind that cannot be eliminated through engineering, work practice, or administrative controls, must wear appropriate body protection while performing their jobs.

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Workplace hazards that could cause bodily injury include:

  • Radiation or temperature extremes
  • Exposure to blood, bodily fluids, or waste
  • Hazards created by welding, cutting, or brazing operations.
  • Hot splashes from molten metals and scalding liquids
  • Potential impacts from tools, machinery, and materials
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals or materials

There are many varieties of protective clothing available for specific hazards. Body protection is principally designed to protect the torso. Our range of body protection includes overalls, laboratory coats, coveralls, vests, jackets, aprons, surgical gowns, shin guards, arm coverings, pvc raincoats and full body suits and much more.

Our whole-body personal protective clothing is made from materials as fire-retardant wool or cotton, rubber, leather, synthetics, and plastic to keep you as safe as possible.

Ensure your safety and stay well protected wherever possible, with our range of PPE.

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