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Eye & Face Protection is a critical form of safety for workers. It is designed to protect the wearer’s vision and face from potential hazards such as chemical splash, projection of debris and metal machining, dust or mist, glare, and UV light. With many harmful substances that can irritate and damage eyes on a worksite, it is critical to minimize the risk of permanent eye damage.

When selecting Eye & Face Protection it is important to ensure that the chosen equipment is suitable for the task at hand, is fitted correctly and should be routinely inspected for any damage or wear before use.

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For optimal, eye and face protection, we offer a broad range of safety headgear options: such as masks, disposal & reusable, face shields or visors for protections against the risk of flying debris, welding shields, for protection against bright light and heat to safety glasses and goggles. Need lens cleaners & Tissues or spare lenses? We have them too.

At Junction Tool Supplies, we understand the importance of protecting your eyes and face from potential hazards. We are proud to offer our customers a wide selection of safety gear, including sunblock, to ensure you’re protected from potential dangers.

We also offer eyewash kits and eye wash stations in case of accidents as part of your first aid treatment when dealing with and handling hazardous substances.

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