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Safety signage is an essential element in today’s workplace where environmental & safety obligations are becoming more stringent and demanding Purchasing safety signs at Junction Tools Supplies is more important now than ever before, as they are the most visual contributors to strong safety cultures and workplace health

Safety signs are an effective tool for achieving safety objectives, giving clear instructions so everyone in the workspace can understand the safety protocol and warn workers to always watch out for any hazards ahead by giving required information and safety instructions. In addition, ensuring safety signage is up to date, and properly placed shows employers care about safety regulation compliance and preventing avoidable dangers from arising.

safety cone
Site Safety

Bollards, barriers and traffic cones are important safety equipment used to protect people and property by controlling access, redirecting traffic, and preventing collisions.

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Slip Resistant & Protective Coatings

Slip resistant coatings and protective coatings are a great way to add a tough anti-slip layer to areas of regular traffic areas that need extra grip and traction, such as pathways, courts and flooring.

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Safety Mats

Safety mats are essential to every workspace, as they provide a layer of protection against slips, falls, and other accidents.

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Absorbents, Wipes & Rags

Absorbents, Wipes & Rags are a crucial component of PPE and safety equipment. They are ideal for wiping down surfaces affected by spills as well as to keep surfaces clean and clear of potential hazards.

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ProBuilt ProLight LED
Safety Lighting

Safety Lighting is a critical component of any industrial setting where early mornings and late finishes are just part of a worker’s life.

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safety signs
Safety Signs

Safety signs are a great way to communicate potential hazards and provide employees with detailed information on how to keep themselves safe.

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safety tapes
Safety Tapes & Tags

Have you ever walked or driven into a warehouse, site or facility and known instantly where to go, what to do and which hazards to avoid? If the answer is yes, you’ve experienced a visual workplace.

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Rubber Speed Hump
Speed Humps & Traffic Safety

One of the best ways to slow and control traffic is with speed humps. Safety speed humps are a type of traffic calming device and are an easy way to reduce the speed of approaching vehicles where required.

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safety mats

Safety First – Buy Proper Safety Equipment Supplies in Melbourne

Finding the right safety equipment and supplies in Melbourne can help you protect people from harm and accidents at work. Whether your needs include safety signage to alert those around hazardous areas, safety clothing for protection from dangerous materials or protective equipment to guard against electrical shocks, it is important to get in touch with the best safety equipment supplier in Melbourne.

Just like Safety signs are vital so is the use of safety equipment to reduce the risk of potential injuries in the workplace. Safety equipment is the protection used by worker to avoid injuries.

Different types of safety equipment are used by workers depending upon what industry and what role they work in. Most often safety equipment comes in the form of wearable personal protective equipment (PPE) and manual handling equipment. Check out our PPE and Safety Wear, Material Handling Equipment and Lifting and Rigging supplies categories for further information to make your workplace safer.

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Our Construction & Trade Site Safety Signs Will Help You Reduce the Risks of Injuries

Construction & Trade sites can be hazardous, but safety signs help minimise risk and ensure the well-being of workers. From warning of danger to providing directions for first aid or firefighting facilities, these safety signage work tirelessly behind-the-scenes – shielding workers from potential harm.

It is essential to ensure maximum visibility and readability when displaying safety signs on a worksite. Place them in an area that stands out and keeps the sign still so everyone can take note of its important message without fail – particularly those with impairments or limited vision.

Keep your business safe and compliant with Junction Tools Supplies Trade & construction safety signs. They are crafted with the highest quality materials, including colour bond steel, aluminium, and durable poly. With an additional lamination layer for added protection – they keep your worksite safe while standing strong.

Being a leading safety equipment supplier in Melbourne, we provide an extensive selection of safety signage to ensure your worksite complies with safety regulations. Thus, don’t put yourself or your employees at risk, be sure to contact us now.

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Types of Safety Signs to Consider for Your Workplace

  • Prohibition signs
  • Prohibition safety signage is a crucial safety tool utilised in many public places. These signs can help inform people of safety risks, such as hazardous materials, trip hazards, and restrictions on behaviour.

  • Mandatory signs
  • All roads have rules, and mandatory signs help drivers navigate them. These special road signs indicate the expected behaviour of travellers – instead of telling you what not to do. Mandatory signs let everyone know exactly what they need to be doing.

  • Restriction signs
  • Restriction signs play a critical role in safety signage, giving people a visual display of the limits that must be adhered to when engaged in certain activities or using certain facilities.

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safety warnings
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  • Danger signs
  • Danger signs are an essential safety element to indicate an immediate hazard that could cause death or serious injury. When using this safety signage, it is important to limit them to the most extreme safety threats and ensure special safety precautions are in place.

  • Warning signs
  • Warnings signs are a clear call to action, alerting us of the potential hazards that threaten our safety. Though not as serious as danger signals, they must be heeded and taken seriously neglecting these warnings could lead to devastating consequences like death or injury.

  • Fire signs
  • To help ensure fast reaction times in a fire, your facility should be outfitted with standard and instantly recognisable fire safety signs.

  • Emergency Signs
  • Emergency Signs usually communicate the directions or locations of emergency facilities in the building. They can include First Aid, Exits and safety equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is signage important for safety

In the hustle and bustle of the business, safety signage is a familiar reminder for us all to keep careful. From “wash your hands” reminders in public places to having exit routes marked off – by investing beyond what’s legally required, businesses are ensuring everyone knows their place in an emergency. Safety signs aren’t just about legal obligations; they serve as peace of mind that we can confidently operate within our environment with full protection from potential hazards.

What is the meaning of safety signage?

Safety signage offers essential warnings for hazardous environments and signifies mandatory actions to ensure safety. For example, they can be seen indicating firefighting equipment, prohibiting specific activities or objects, and marking escape routes from a dangerous area. With their help, we stay protected in the face of potential danger.

What are the 4 main designs of safety signs?
  • Red-for immediate danger and shows that action should be taken, or something is prohibited
  • Yellow–for precaution to ensure safety.
  • Blue–for mandatory instructions
  • Green–for safety signs and first aid

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Find answers to all your safety signs questions. Our team can help you with identifying the right type of signage for your worksite to proper placement. Let us help keep you and your staff safe on the job.

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