Absorbents, Wipes & Rags

Industrial wiping solutions that give superior performance

Absorbents, Wipes & Rags are a crucial component of PPE and safety equipment. They are ideal for wiping down surfaces affected by spills as well as to keep surfaces clean and clear of potential hazards. Most importantly they also help minimize the risk of contamination from liquids or particulates that could cause harm to personnel or damage property.

Whether it’s industrial spills that need absorbing or commercial absorption applications, Junction Tool Supplies has the absorbents, wipes and rags ready to use at your fingertips.

Oil clean-up in a garage or workshop

These include:

  • Different types of rags for different tasks. With t-shirts, towels and flannel the best options for absorbency and lint free rags being ideal for applying and wiping thinners, solvents, oils and grease.
  • Industrial absorbent wipes for cleaning up everyday spills of coolant, degreasers, fuels, oil, grease and even water, and can also be used for wiping, cleaning, polishing, dusting, plus countless other applications.
  • Absorbent pads that can be quickly laid down on smaller spills to soak them up and for wiping over affected work areas and equipment.
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