Safety Tapes & Tags

Prevent accidents & ensure work safety with Safety Tapes and Tags

Have you ever walked or driven into a warehouse, site or facility and known instantly where to go, what to do and which hazards to avoid? If the answer is yes, you’ve experienced a visual workplace. Visual workplaces use visual control methods to communicate a range of information in plain sight.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a safe workplace and one of the easiest ways to communicate important safety information is with worksite tapes and tags. The reality is many risks can be eliminated with the simple use of clear, effective tapes and tags.

Safety tapes come in many shapes and sizes and options as self-adhesive, reflective material, electrical, anti-slip and barricade tapes.

Safety tags can be used for inventory checks and inspections, or to indicate electrical hazards, other dangers or even equipment status. Safety tags are available in a range of colors, materials and variations depending on their intended use. We supply lockout, do not operate, information, out of service, isolation tags and more.

Choose from our range of Safety Tags and tape products to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your workplace and personnel.

Safety Tapes & Tags
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